Apparently, the Mastodon v2.7.0 upgrade went according to plan. We'll live to see another toot 🐘

FireEye's story about an ongoing global DNS hijacking campaign has gotten people everywhere screaming for . Not surprising as the purpose of DNSSEC is to protect DNS lookups against hijacking attempts.

However, DNSSEC won't protect you from an attacker who compromises your login credentials with your DNS provider. Attackers are not hijacking DNS lookups, they are compromising DNS provider accounts and modifying DNS records.

Too bad Google is killing off HPKP..

@teteatmastodon Code for minimum an hour every day for the next 100 days. Toot your progress daily with the hashtag: .

I think that more or less sums it up. I became aware of the hashtag by way of @trevdev

I'm really grateful for the new XFCE edition. Great performance and easy on the resources. Privacy and freedom for all users 👍

Excited about the upcoming 15.0 release?
Why not end the year by sending Patrick Volkerding a token of appreciation for a quarter century of work and commitment on Slackware Linux.

So I was reading this blog where the author talked in great lengths about his ongoing journey to de-Google his life. In short, he wanted to stop Google from collecting and selling his personal data to third party advertisers.

However, he did not seem to object to collecting my personal data on behalf of Google as his blog was happily running Google Analytics.

The double standards boggle my mind 🤔

The greatest wizard in the universe should obviously be the administrator of this Mastodon instance. Show more

The first toot of a new Mastodon instance should not be "Hello, World!".

Long live the revolution!
Have a nice day.